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Twitter News: Quick Promote and Google Search

Twitter has made their ads a little more customizable with Quick Promote. The best part is that you can specifically target your campaign and, hopefully, make your call to action more effective. With a user-friendly interface, you set your price, and pay only when someone clicks on your tweet.

SMBs or small and medium businesses can set a total they want to spend no more than on twitter ads, then set the price per click. So, let's say you want to spend no more than $1.50 for each click, your overall budget for the 100 clicks you hope to get would be $150. If no one clicks, $0.00. It's so easy to set up.

When someone searches for certain keywords (you specify which keywords you want your ad to appear for) up comes your tweet. So the potential customer sees the tweet, but unless they click through it costs you nothing. How cool is that? This new feature was launched on February 4, 2015 (3 days ago) so there's not much on the web about it, other than the splash news.

Also, 3 days ago, it was announced that Google reached a deal to show tweets in their search results. This is huge for twitter and good news for everyone. Google will no longer have to crawl for tweets. They will appear in search results automatically as soon as they're posted. 


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